English summary

My name is Diana Swinkels. When I was a child, I adored everything that had to do with handicraft. I’ve also been my whole life working on mastering many techniques. As a result I followed some workshops, and of course I am trying out a lot of things for my self. I am practically self-taught. Since 1998 I seriously started to find out which techniques would be real challenges for me. First of all there were sculptures made of cloth, a technique I learned from Olly Copal. I also loved to make African sculptures. Substances were first sculptures, which I learned from Olly Copal. I loved the use of African images. In 2005 I followed with a friend a one day soapstone workshop. I liked it so much that I followed another workshop with a member of my family. And after that, nobody could stop me anymore. I was contracted for a memorial for stillborn and unbaptized children, on both cemeteries in Beek en Donk. Figurative shapes are the most appealing thing for me as I can express all my feelings in them, and that gives a special feeling to the artwork. I also work commissioned by customers, and it’s a challenge to create something that catches and moves the client. Meanwhile, we have got our own exhibition space that can be visited every Sunday (when exhibitions are organised there can be different opening hours).
I hope you enjoy watching our site and feel free to contact us.

Sincerely Diana